Global alert : Stay clear of Patman Owilly, a Kenyan Crook

Problems in Africa do not limit themselves to degree fraud and corruption. Unfortunately. 

It is widespread in people’s behavior. Even people you believed you could trust, posing as friends. 

In a country where almost everybody is struggling, you would think trust and accountability are highly valued.

After all – that is all there is left – right?


Well, not for everybody. And we speak from personal experience. 

In August 2021, we planned 2 strategic business trips for the project: one to Kisumu and one to Mombasa. 

With Mr Patman Owilly we agreed we would hire a decent, large sedan for 400E, to enable both trips. 

In good faith, we naively paid Mr Patman Owilly the full 400E but we never saw the promised decent sedan. 

We also never saw our money back. He broke every part of the deal. 

Worst of all, we had to cancel not one but both business trips, hurting the project directly, because Patman Owilly behaved like an ordinary crook. 

We found out what happened: Mr Patman Owilly had an accident with his own car and shamelessly used our money behind our back to fix his own car. Of course without our knowing, let alone our consent. 

When asking our money back – you guessed it- we got nothing.

Mr Patman Owilly pretends to be a businessman but in reality needs to steal money from people where he poses as friend to make ends meet. Shamelessly stealing this money to fix his own fuckups – and then vanish. 

As WE are run by values, that hurt us. 

We can only advise to stay as far as possible from Mr Patman Owilly.
Do not buy his lies and “businessman makebelief”. Judge him by his behavior instead; he is an ordinary crook! 

Do not hire him. Do not engage with him. 

He cannot be trusted and lies to your face without hesitation. 

This page will remain online to publicly shame this behavior, as well as Mr Patman Owilly. 

For the whole world to see, till the debt is paid back in full.

And to warn people from making the same naive mistake.