Global alert : Stay clear of Alex Muriuki – A Kenyan Crook

Problems in Africa do not limit themselves to degree fraud and corruption. Unfortunately. 

It is widespread in people’s behavior. Even people you believed you could trust. 

In a country where almost everybody is struggling, you would think trust and accountability are highly valued. After all – that is all there is left – right? 

Well, not for everybody. And we speak from personal experience. 

We lended money to Alex Muriuki, when he fell out of money to support his family. 

And again. And again. And Again. We want to be a force of good. Part of that is trusting people. We lended him a total amount of no less than 300E! 

Yet for over 2 years now, we have been listening to one broken promise after the other from Alex Muriuki, one failed pay-back plan after the next. 

We were lied to time and again, for years now. After all this time, it saddens us to observe that Mr Alex Muriuki is a pathological liar, breaks promises without shame, and does not pay back his debteven to the people who helped him when they themselves were financially suffering, but chose to prioritize his comfort over their own. Because WE are run by values. 

We can only advise to stay as far as possible from Alex Muriuki.
Do not hire him. Do not engage with him. 

This page will remain online to publicly shame this behavior, as well as Mr Alex Muriuki. 

For the whole world to see, till the debt is paid back in full. And to warn people from making the same well-intended but naive mistake.