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I – How is BrainChain Help structured?

To help all users to the best of our abilities, we organized ourselves around the fact we have 3 distinct types of users:

  • Applicants (job seekers)
  • Universities (generalized: Educational Organizations)
  • Companies (e.g. recruiting companies)

For that reason, even if we made manuals for every individual aspect of BrainChain functionality to ensure you can dive right into just the very topic you take an interest in … we clustered these Manuals under Section-III per user type.

Apart from the manuals, there’s room under Section-II for exchanging experiences (please be gentle… we do moderate and take action where we see fit, without warning, if you violate etiquette). The Discussion Forum is split in Discussions on Functionality and All the rest: bold ideas, suggestions, … anything really (well, except trying to sell your neighbour’s loud dog – there may be better fora for that).

A note on language: Even if we did our best to translate the website into many languages, the manuals are all in English. Yet they come with many pictures and in an abridged wording so we trust with a bit of goodwill from your side (and perhaps on occasion a sneak peek into Google Translate), this will be largely sufficient.


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II – Discussions Section:


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III – Manuals Section:


Functionality all roles have in common: 


Functionality Universities (Edu Orgs) & Companies have in common: 


Specific for Applicants: 


Should you still have problems or questions, beyond these topics, feel free to reach out to