BrainChain v.1.3.5

19 May 2020

Whoever is responsible for an application, knows the feeling: every new release is a bit like a child.
However much you had imagined all the new functionality… then it is really happening, like an actual delivery. Minus the noise. And the blood. And gallons of coffee to replace both.

This kid is called “v.1.3.5” – admittedly not a too affectionate name but the release itself makes up for that.
Big time:

  • The entire UI is overhauled, and
  • Aside the graphic improvements, the flow-logic got fine-tuned, making it a better overall UX experience
  • An automated calculation module was added. This is the module that e.g. routes money back to Universities ; the 20% we donate to Education Worldwide.
  • The management section has been expanded (yes, also making our life easier for once – in all the previous releases we gave your experience precedence!)
  • A few glitches were ironed out
  • … many other things, small and big, all of which you will love to use!

So we can’t wait for you to get your hands on our new release!

Team BrainChain