Why we Rule

We occasionally get the question how we stand out towards other existing platforms.
And we do, in a few very substantial ways.
But before dissecting its dimensions, allow us to appreciate we regard such platforms as partners in fighting degree fraud, not competition.

If anything, if it were up to us, all such platforms should collaborate in a determined effort to accelerate the complete eradication of this type of fraud and in doing so, realize a fair job market while eliminating the hiring risk.
We would be more than happy to jointly set up an open API to such effect; in our view, that is the way forward.


Let us count the ways


It is delusional to think global problems can be solved with local island solutions.
This naive optimism is actually fraud’s objective friend.
Like climate, planetary problems require planetary approaches.

We delivered on that reality check and set up a global solution supported by a global infrastructure, from day 1.

Despite its iron logic, all solutions we came across so far, lack a global agenda and approach.
This is therefore the first major discriminator: BrainChain is global standard. One virtual chain of globally connected brains! Hence our logo. 


  • Even if “Managing Validated Degrees” may have a mundane echo to it, doing it right means rigorously overcoming the many pitfalls required to deliver a correct and user-friendly implementation on every single aspect; walk the mile beyond a minefield of shortcuts and mediocrity.
    Rather than exposing that process, we focused our entire team of highly skilled software engineers on a 2 year development journey before coming out with a 1st public release. As we love quality ourselves, our customers deserve no less.
  • This paid off big time. In every single comparative line up (technology stack or other), we take center stage.
  • Uncompromised, tamperproof end-to-end Safety through modular dependency-injection; endless scalability through a Big-Data back-end, and a modern javascript front-end to offload our globally distributed server architecture at peak demands: we have every corner covered. 
  • Our standard service-driven approach also guarantees a zero-install easy integration in existing HR workflows and corporate infrastructure. 


  • Our view on data is very simple: BrainChain claims no ownership of any degree/personal data; we defend that ownership stays with its 2 legitimate owners: the (ex-) student and the university. BrainChain just provides a service on top to eradicate degree fraud worldwide. 
  • How we embrace privacy as a virtue rather than as a problem may be our biggest discriminator. To ensure we are globally compliant with any privacy regulation,  we consulted a global team of lawyers. We realize this is an ongoing effort, and we will keep pushing the privacy envelope. 
  • Our motivation roots deeply in our love and respect for people’s privacy. It mirrors how we’d like to be approached ourselves. Even if that means faring upstream in our increasingly (worryingly!) data-grabbing society.
    From its inception, long before even its first public release, BrainChain’s data sharing policy is non-negotiable:
    No Data is shared to potential Employers before prior and explicit consent of the job seeker.

No blockChain!
There were many reasons to stay clear of BlockChain, but the biggest one belongs here: privacy compliance.
One of the pivotal aspects all privacy regulations share, is the notion of “the right to be forgotten“. Long story short, this means anyone can request to permanently delete all their data. Something that is impossible-by-design with BlockChain; no matter which clever trick is conceived (like encryption, using hashes, data-division techniques etc) : our designated ethical hackers could break all of them.
We did not want to gamble with your privacy. BlockChain comes with an inherent legal incompatibility, as nothing can ever be deleted from it.
W.r.t. our field, there are also far more efficient and elegant ways to implement the merits typically attributed to BlockChain.

To our mere horror, we observe not everybody takes privacy this serious and -in an astoundingly clumsy attempt to capitalize on BlockChain’s coolfactor– some solutions even boast with its usage to address this problem.


  • Unlike many other platforms out there (LinkedIn e.g.), all our data is a 100% validated. 
  • We believe to be the only platform out there that allows universities to even revoke degrees in case fraud is found out, and this in real-time and fully automated fashion.
  • Our background quality checks include vetting educational organizations prior to onboarding them.
    Indeed – what point would there be in embracing legitimate degrees of illegitimate organizations. 

For anything less, there always is FaceBook/WhatsApp.


Moral Compass & Force-of-Good  (Sharing is Caring)

Diploma fraud worldwide is a multi-billion dollar fraud business, yet a somewhat orphaned type of fraud.
We also believe chasing this type of fraud is useless; what will work, is establishing a global standard that short-circuits every possibility of fraud being rewarding financially.
For that reason, BrainChain’s revenue model is as cheap as we could afford it to be, and we share our revenue with whomever supports BrainChain:

  • It is our aim to become the world’s biggest sponsor of Education: we therefore let 20% of our revenue flow back to Universities worldwide.
  • Likewise, our business developers get to share in what they bring to the table, honouring meritocracy.


We believe with all the above, we have a shot at bringing our vision home
and build a sustainable, fraud-free, fair job market that will withstand the test of time