They did their part
and worked hard to get their degrees
Let's pick up the baton and
send them into the world backing their degrees!


BrainChain’s mission is to be a force for good in the world: eradicate fraud, promote talent mobility, give all applicants a fair and equal chance at a job, and… all this while financially contributing to education worldwide. Universities worldwide are building our next generation of people, yet are invariably confronted with a shortage of means. Therefore,
BrainChain passes on a fifth of its profit to universities; all bits help!


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Universities have no reason to doubt: joining BrainChain relieves them of the burden to -time and again- confirm the diploma’s they already issued; It also ensures people pretending to have graduated will no longer be able to destroy their reputation and get away with it. With our compelling revenue model, we believe that will soon be a thing of the past; with a yearly one-time effort, aggregated over all alumni that ever graduated, Universities gain a perpetual sustained source of considerable revenue.


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We are nearing the end of an era – one where papers were shuffled around as gospel to get stuff done. It not only means we automated this burden off your shoulders, it also means you deservedly get a fair chance in the job market, as fake degrees will be a thing of the past. And BrainChain puts your privacy central: it features all imaginable choices to precisely define who gets to see what and for how long. Nothing is shared without your prior and explicit consent. No exceptions.
We will never be summoned before Congress 🙂


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We feel your pain; checking degrees manually is all too resource- and time consuming. Yet… presenting unvetted candidates to end clients would mean compromising your core mission and irresponsibly passing on a blind risk. This is unnecessary; BrainChain offers a way out to instantly vet applicant(-s) at a ridiculously small fee. Taking the burden out of the process so that you can again focus on the person instead of his papers.


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