The revenue model of BrainChain follows a few principles only, and is purposefully kept very simple :

I – Revenue Model Principles: 

  • We wanted our services to remain absolutely free for all Alumni as we wholeheartedly support them in getting those jobs!
  • For Universities -or any Educational Organisation that joined for that matter- we wanted to support education by creating a considerable and sustainable source of revenue. To that end, we systematically let 20% of our profit flow back; the rest is used to support and develop our operations worldwide (hosting, infrastructure, translations, new features etc).
  • We also want to support Companies worldwide by removing the hiring risk of unvetted diplomas. To ensure there can be no financial excuse not to use BrainChain, we only ask a ridiculously small fee per vetting: the price of a decent coffee.

II – A few Notes: 

  • As this is a worldwide operation, prices vary lightly taking into account the cost of living and currency exchange value.
  • In most cases, we will waive the annual fee for universities the first year. That will entirely depend on how decent the coffee is when we drop by the first time 🙂
  • In more challenged regions like Africa, we may consider waiving the recurrent fee entirely, in line with our societal merit principles.

III – The Numbers:

  • Edu – Europe/India/Africa/LATAM/Asia: Annual license fee in : 299 Euro
  • Edu – US/CAN/AU/NZ: Annual license fee : 399 $
  • Company – Europe/India/Africa/LATAM/Asia: Annual license fee 299 & Vetting fee in : 5 Euro
  • Company – US/CAN/AU/NZ : Annual license fee 399 & Vetting fee in : 8 $