The private ambassador for your diploma!
BrainChain works like an ambassador for your diploma:
After we vetted your university and your university vetted your degree...
You can define very precisely what we can share to whom and when.
So when you apply for jobs, your diploma is the last thing you need to worry about!
Now go get that job!!


Our engineering team walked the extra mile and built BrainChain as if there was no tomorrow, cutting no corners.
All diplomas are not only encrypted with secret keys, they are futhermore kept in isolated storage beyond the reach of anyone with naughty intentions.


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For the longest time, people could take the Photoshop shortcut to a degree and bluff their way through the hiring process.
No more. All degrees are vetted by the very institutions that issued them, eradicating fraud at its root. This instills fair competition amongst all applicants.
It also provides companies with the ultimate assurance they can hire people in confidence.


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People are more and more mobile and apply to jobs anywhere…. yet to this date, checking degrees remains a mess, with so many poorly designed local island-approaches.
There’s only one right and obvious way to clean this up, and that is with a global solution embracing all serious educational organizations.
The reward of such ambitious approach is enormous: employers from anywhere in the world can vet all their applicants in just one place.


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The many island approaches that exist today are tedious and expensive. That is an unfortunate combination. People often need to travel, call around, fight paper workflows. All this, as it also involves people, comes at considerable cost!
Indeed, for-profit companies offering “solutions” to this problem take a premium as they know you need their service to get the job. Nobody is having any fun in all this.

BrainChain is a not-for-profit and here to right a wrong.
BrainChain is a fully automated, digital workflow enabling instant vetting.
And BrainChain is free for universities as well as applicants. Even companies pay just the price of a cappuccino per vetting.
This money is used to support education -20% flows back to universities- while the rest keeps our systems operational.


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BrainChain has fully automated workflows to vet applicants instantly.
Even if applicants have not set prior consents, digital flows follow up companies’ requests in real-time to close the loop automatically as soon as consent is given (or rejected, see privacy section).

In all this, we care for the environment as well; we specifically chose servers running on clean energy.

We are very aware this is the only planet with chocolate. Well… we’re not entirely sure but as this is such a grave matter, why take any chances?


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Being a European company at heart, we believe in some old values that seem to have gotten out of fashion today.
Even if it means swimming upstream on occasion.
Respect for Privacy is at the core of all our designs.
We share no applicant data without prior & explicit consent.
Period. No exceptions.


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