Unaweza kujigamba kwamba umehitimu kisha ukapata kazi kwa ulaghai
Ukagunduliwa mwajiri alipoanza kutumia BrainChain!
Ulihitimu lakini nafasi yako ikachukuliwa na
walaghai wanaodai walihitimu chuo kikuu

Ujumbe tunaoupata kutoka watu wanaotumia BrainChain ni wa kutia moyo sana.
Na kwa hivyo tumelifanya jukumu letu kuuwasilisha ujumbe huu kwenu.
Tunaienzi maoni yenu kwa yale yote tunafanya. Lakini iwapo kuna lile ambalo
unataka kuwasilisha mbele au jambo ambalo halijakufurahisha,
kuwa huru kuwasiliana nasi kwenye fomu za mawasiliano.
Hata iwapo ujumbe wenu unaweza kuwa wa kuvunja moyo,
kwetu tunazingatia hili mno maana inatupa sababu
ya kuboresha na kukuza kazi yetu!



I wish this tool had existed decades ago. Lots of people from my country emigrate and it always a mess getting our diploma’s recognized abroad.



My university hasn’t joined yet, but I hope it will soon and open our country up to the world. Here’s their contacts (…).



I migrated to the US, but coming from Africa it is bliss to share a platform with Western Universities. This is key for African Talent Mobility.

Mashirika yamekosa mfumo thabiti wa kuthibitisha
na kuhalilisha diploma wanazopokea.
Vipi kuhusu yako?
Hapa Brainchain, hilo ndilo jukumu letu,
na kwa bei nafuu sana!


We never considered systematically vetting everyone we hire, at best we did so for our C-level staff.
But with this tool, at this cost, we ran out of excuses!


Ltd, UK

Like anybody else I guess, we have no clue about foreign universities, yet people applying with us do so from anywhere.
With BrainChain we can at long last hire without blindly ignoring this risk.


Recruiter, US & DE

With the sheer volume of CVs landing at our desks on daily basis, we would have needed a dedicated team just for vetting all claims made in those CVs. Thanks to BrainChain, this is now automated and we can recommend people to our end-clients without taking irresponsible risks at their expense.

Walijikaza na kutia
bidii wakapata digrii zao
Sasa ni jukumu letu
kuyaweka masilahi yao mbele!
(counting on our discretion)

University, Africa

In our region, we are one of the finest universities, but to keep up with that level, our accreditations do not come cheap. So not only were we loosing a lot of money -we’ve seen countless Photoshopped variants of our diplomas-, the worse part is that those people destroy our reputation! This matters most us; it is all we have and invest in, over multiple generations, to get to this level.

(counting on our discretion)

University, EU

In Europe, the situation of my university is we have hundreds of foreign universities 200km from here in any direction.
None sharing the same platform to recognise our alumni’s degrees. As University, we are ill-placed to provide a solution to that problem -happily ignoring the fact we’d never even get budget for it; this falls way outside our core business!
So we are grateful someone else picked this up. And managed to implement SUCH an easy tool to use.

(counting on our discretion)

University, US

The tool complements our internal ICT tools blissfully and integrating it was a breeze. We could train our people in under 3 hours and never looked back. The fact we actually make money by joining BrainChain is brilliant and so we decided, aligning with BrainChain’s very spirit, to use this money every year to address another orphaned problem at our university that never got the attention it deserved.